Analytics, Dashboards and Data Visualization

Our access and ability to create custom dashboards means we can offer you a variety of analytic solutions which will save you time.  Whether you are looking for basic Tabs and Banners, Regressions, Sequencing, Clustering, Conjoint Analysis or to build a Segmentation, our analytics team is here to consult and collaborate with you.  With our dashboards, you can easily stay up to date with your projects in real-time, as well as keep key stakeholders and clients in the know.  You no longer need to wait weeks, or even days, to obtain business intelligence.  With Veridata Insights, you have access to hundreds of templates which ensure easy access to your data in the format you need.  If you need something bespoke, our team can create it.  Clients choose to work with Veridata Insights for their data and dashboarding needs because of our ability to quickly understand what they need and create it, allowing them to share key findings more confidently and make better business decisions faster.