Our Identity

With more than 3 decades in marketing research and client services, we know what it takes to support the needs of our clients.   They need a partner they know. They need a face they’ve met. They need a person they can trust.  Easy enough to say, but difficult to achieve.  It takes experience, speed, flexibility and a company culture that, not only allows its front-line employees the ability to support clients as needed, but actively encourages them to understand the true drivers of each project.  There is no one-size fits all approach – and that’s why we love it!

Our commitment to our clients:

  • Provide a quality option for all your data collection needs.
  • Empower our employees to focus on you without encumbering them in time-consuming bureaucracy, or complex, outdated systems.
  • Understand your everyday challenges in research: from scoping out difficult audiences to delivering 100% of what we commit to on-time, on-budget and stress-free.
  • Resolve challenges in real-time through proactive communication and creativity.
  • Be flexible and support as much, or as little, of the data collection process you need.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest technology, so you don’t have to.
  • Be accountable to you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Love what we do! We live and breathe research and have for decades. We thrive on creating field plans which achieve results when others tell you it’s not possible.


Jami Pulley

As CEO and Co-founder of Veridata Insights, I bring over 20 years of experience in the insights industry.
I joined e-rewards in 2003 (rebranded as Research Now in 2009, currently Dynata), helping to transform a research start-up to the preeminent supplier of online marketing research services worldwide. For over 5 years, I managed the largest team at Research Now, responsible for over $50 Millions in annual revenue. I also established and managed our first offices and sales teams in South America. My next adventure was at Critical Mix (currently Dynata), where I opened their Dallas office. I am passionate about developing custom solutions and providing excellent service to my clients. I thrive on results and will not take, “No” for an answer. I love to leverage the latest technology, with a little creativity to “wow” my clients and help increase their bottom line. But you can’t do that without a phenomenal team supporting you which is why I focus on hiring and training the best and brightest professionals around. I am excited to see how the next era of market research will be defined and proud to manage a company that extolls its best parts: Empowered Employees; Cutting-Edge Technology; a Culture of Creativity; and, above all, Passion.

I live in Dallas with my husband and three girls. I spend my weekends and evenings cheering at soccer, volleyball and basketball games. I love to travel and am passionate about experiencing different cultures from around the world, but my favorite things are all centered around dancing in the kitchen while making dinner with my family. I am a zealous advocate for underprivileged children which, is why I fervently support associations like St. Jude.

Tom Littlejohn

I cut my teeth as a founding partner of reInvention in 2011. Our core values were of a boutique panel services provider, but we quickly grew into one of the most innovative and reputable research firms around the globe. Leaving that team remains one of the hardest decisions of my professional career but it’s also the one to which I am most proud. Whether teaching kids English in the Southwest of France, guiding Scuba Divers off the coast of California, or supporting customers in the Insights Community, I have always believed that there is no substitute for strong customer service in business. In fact, getting to know and truly partnering with your clients is the best part of the job! There is nothing better than having the ability to help your customers when they need it. When a company has a clearly defined culture, led by a strong executive team who knows how to cultivate the passion of its employees, there is no limit to what it can achieve. Clients will always come first if you encourage your employees to think, act and create. When a team does that, there is no problem too big, no task too small and no challenge too complex. This is what led me to found Veridata Insights. I am proud to be building the best client service team in the industry.

When not in the office, I love spending time with my infinitely patient and loving wife and three exceptional daughters (nearly teenagers… please help!). I love travelling to exotic places, binge watching on Netflix and impromptu dance parties with my girls. I am a strong advocate for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness, volunteering as an Ambassador for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention as often as I can.